Tuesday, March 31, 2015

CFIS.fm is located at 2880 15th Ave Prince George B.C. V2M 1T1   Phone: 250 563 2347  Email: cfisfm@yahoo.ca

  • Corey Walker Host of a variety of shows on CFIS including Songs from the Chapel Sundays at 7am Country Corner 3 pm and Back Porch Pickin 4pm also on Sunday!
  • Dave Fuller Dave Fuller, host of Health First Mondays at 1 pm
  • Sharon Hurd Sharon Hurd, host of Senior Moments with Bob D'Arruay Tuesdays at 1, and Mining for Gold with A.J. Feyer every third Wednesday at 1.
  • Wayne Hughes Host of Rip Radio Wednesday's at 8pm and Groundbeat Monday's at 7pm
  • Bob Dauray Bob D'Auray host of Senior Moments every Tuesday at 1 p.m., Before The Beatles Sundays at 6 as well as host of Boomer nights Friday and Saturday from 6 to 9
  • Monroe and J.d. Hosts of the Flipside!!
  • A.J Feyer A.J. Feyer Host of Fiddlefest Wednesdays at 7, and Mining for Gold every third Wednesday at 1.
  • Gino Gino, voice of Boomer Radio from 9a.m. to 1, Mondays and Tuesdays
  • JD J.D. host of The Flipside and Flipside After Hours on Saturdays from 10 til 12, also a regular host of Boomer radio
  • Mike Meier Mike Meier host of Mike's Retro Block Wednesdays at 9 til 11.
  • Eric Bennett Eric Bennett host of Boomer Mornings Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5 a.m. til 9. As well as This Land Is Your Land, Saturday evenings at 5
  • Garrett Perry and Karl Wyssen Hosts of Classic Canadian Rock, it's Garrett Perry and Karl Wyssen every Thursday at 10
  • Reg Feyer Station Manager
  • Dwight Scott Wolf Host of On with the Show Sunday's at 2pm and Homegrown Tuesdays at 6pm
  • Aussie Steven Aussie Steven of This Is Australia heard Friday nights at 11 to 1
  • Earl Krushelnicki Earl Krushelnicki of Blues Underground, Saturdays 2 to 4 and Coming Soon Wednesdays at 6.
  • Doc Apollo Doc Apollo host of Full Spectrum Mondays at 6p.m.



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